Midlevel Providers

Midlevel providers are Nurse Practitioner's (NP's) and Physician's Assistant's (PA's) who have completed advanced training in the management and diagnoses of various medical conditions, including chronic diseases. They work closely with physicians to provide a broad range of care while serving as a patient’s routine health care provider.

Our midlevel providers provide the highest levels of individualized care and make the patient's needs their top priority, striving towards prevention, overall health, and patient education.

Amy Gann Amy Gann , RN, CPNP
Sarah Goldshtrom Sarah Goldshtrom , RN, CPNP
Lauren Hill Lauren Hill , RN, MSN, CPNP
Laura Seris Laura Seris , RN, CPNP
Sarah Wilson-Kennelly Sarah Wilson-Kennelly , RN, CPNP